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My name is Mary Carolyn Roberts and I'm asking for your vote for Metro Council in District 20.

Our neighborhood has been on the back burner of every city agenda for long enough. We need a strong voice in Metro Council that will lead, not just follow. I promise to listen to your concerns, consult with our neighbors, and inform you before I take action on any matter that may affect our district.

I believe it is OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, YOUR VOICE. My job, as Metro Council Member, will be to represent you.

If you give me your vote, I will:

Please help me in my efforts to win this election and begin fighting for our neighborhood by donating whatever amount you can to help with costs. It's all done through and secure.


bullet Communicate with you regularly, alerting you to any proposed action, small or large, that may affect our district
bullet Listen to you and our neighbors to better understand the action's impact on our neighborhoods
bullet Build consensus as to the best direction to follow
bullet Vote in the best interests of District 20 and not the interests of special interests
We will need to build a better communication network within our large district to effectively communicate. To this end, I will encourage and support the development of strong Neighborhood Associations. I will need some of you to step forward to lead this effort and, in return, I will provide you resources that will help you grow these associations from scratch.

For me to effectively get feedback from you, I have created this website as well as a Facebook page where you can keep up to date with the latest news affecting our district. In addition, you can email or phone me anytime with any issues you need to discuss. My phone number is 615-920-5646 and my email address is

If we want to better our streets, our neighborhoods, and our District then we are going to have to work hard and work together. I believe in the proud history of our neighborhoods and feel we deserve the best amenities this city has to offer. I believe we need our "collective voice" heard in Metro Council.

If you cast your vote for me, I will make sure that Your Voice is heard loud and clear.

What Can You Do To Help?

Get Involved by offering to:
  • Donate Money
  • Put A Yard Sign In Your Yard
  • Become A Street Captain
  • Become A Neighborhood Captain
  • Have A Small Gathering In Your Home

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